Shoe Repairs Perth

Specialist Shoe Repairs in Perth

Damage to orthotic shoes can be attributed to a variety of factors. We understand the importance of keeping your orthotic shoes, both ready-to-wear and custom-made, in optimum condition to ensure their efficacy in providing support and comfort.

This is why we offer specialist shoe repairs and shoe restoration in accordance with your original need for orthopaedic shoes. Our footwear repairs take into consideration:

  • Why you initially required orthotic shoes and whether or not the repairs should include modifications based on the progression or improvement of your orthopaedic condition
  • The extent of the damage to your footwear

In addition to repairs to custom-made orthopaedic shoes, our shoe restoration includes Finn Comfort shoe repair, Birkenstock shoe repair and repairs to many other orthotic-friendly footwear brands.

For specialist shoe repairs in Perth, contact us today to discuss your orthotic shoe repair requirements. Our Certified Pedorthist and Surgical Shoemakers will assess your needs and repair your shoes for a perfect fit.